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Process Engineer

  • Bachelor's in Mechanical, Industrial or related Engineering
  • Engineering License in good standing in the US or abroad
  • Duties: Create plans and establish work sequence instructions and operation standards to improve the efficiency of work processes for projects. Review project schedules and engineering specifications to evaluate issues and establish the resolution of an engineering problem. Coordinate with team members to implement quality control procedures to ensure project quality, cost reduction, and efficiency. Advise management concerning methods to improve utilization of personnel, meet project budgets, and assist in training staff in new technology and methods. Statistical analysis in determining project schedules, processing methods, and personnel requirements. Root cause analysis to locate issues in the work process and apply problem-solving tools such as 8D, DMAIC, Ishikawa, 5 Why's, etc. to determine problem resolution and solutions.
  • Traveling is required for this position
  • Must be able to communicate fluently in Spanish and English
  • 24 months of experience in construction or manufacturing
  • Compensation: $94,330 yearly salary

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